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Member Requirements

One person from each MKA membership is required to fulfill ONE of the following options: flagging, grid person, timing & scoring (2nd year members only) or the payment option.


*For safety reasons only closed toe shoes are allowed on the grid and in flagging positions.


Volunteering option: For every race day, we need 3 flaggers, 2 grid people and 1 in timing & scoring. Flaggers may work either 3 full race days (8:30 AM until last race is complete) or 6 half days          (8:30 AM until lunch) or (pre final until last race is complete) and we do ask that grid and timing be a full day of volunteering unless prearranged with Tammie.

Flagging: Corner workers needed in the Hairpin, “S” Corner and Parabolic.

You will be required to wear a high visibility vest, headset and radio that are sanitized before every race day. Dave or Sean will radio the necessary corner worker to let them know which flag to put out. There are flagging shelters at the 3 corners which will have flags and fire extinguishers.

Grid: Grid workers are responsible for calling up the next class and putting them in position order. The grid personnel will also be responsible for marking each tire of every kart before they go out for qualifying. All parents and pit crew are to leave the grid area once the karts have been started and both gates closed, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Payment option: You would provide us with 3 post dated cheques in the amount of $120 each cheque (June 30, July 31 and August 31), these cheques will ONLY be deposited if you haven’t fulfilled a FULL day of volunteering before the above dates. If you end up fulfilling your volunteer requirements, we will return your cheque after the above dates.


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