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KID KART (ages 5 - 7 yrs old)

 These are the smallest karts available and use a simple-to-maintain 4 stroke engine. Kid karters can practice their skills with these karts until they are ready to go racing the year they turn 8

JUNIOR 1 (ages 8 - 11 yrs old)

These karts utilize a small chassis and a reliable Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke engine. It's the prefect class to introduce your child to the amazing world of karting and to learn the basics of kart control and maintenance.


JUNIOR 2 (ages 11-16 yrs old)

These karts utilize a larger chassis and the same Briggs & Stratton engine as J1 but with more power and speed

MICROMAX (ages 8-11 yrs old)

Similar in size to JUNIOR1 karts but use a 125cc Rotax 2-stroke kart racing engine. The karts are faster and take more skill to drive and maintain than the JUNIOR1 karts

MINIMAX (ages 10-13 yrs old)

The karts have a larger chassis and a more powerful version of the same Rotax 2 stroke engine used in MICROMAX

JUNIOR ROTAX (ages 12-16 yrs old)

Using the same size chassis as MINIMAX and JUNIOR2 but with a more powerful version of the Rotax kart racing engine

SENIOR BRIGGS (ages 15+)

Using the most powerful version of the Briggs & Stratton kart racing engine, these karts provide the best bang for the buck in a very well attended, competitive class. This is where adult drivers new to the sport should start.

SENIOR ROTAX (ages 15+)

These karts use a modified version of the Rotax kart racing engine and make 28 hp @14,000 rpm. They have a power valve that increases the power across the rpm range and are best suited for experienced drivers.

DD2 (ages 15+)

These use a unique chassis and 125cc Rotax engine that make 33 hp @ 13,500 rpm. The engine also has a 2 speed gearbox that drives the axle directly and eliminates the chain. These karts are so fast that they also have disc brakes on both front wheels and stop even harder than they accelerate. For experienced drivers only

DD2 MASTERS (age 32+)

These are the same fire breathing karts used in DD2 but minimum weight for the class is increased. For experienced drivers only.

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