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1. Karting makes better drivers

Teaching 16-year-old, hormonally enraged, pimple-faced teens to drive a car can be an overwhelming, exhausting experience... or so my father kept reminding me.  But if a kid spends some time driving around a track before they venture into the driver’s seat, they will undoubtedly be more confident, more respectful and certainly more capable than starting out cold.  It’s possible whatever time you spend at the track may save you a headache later.

2. Karting is a meritocracy

Karting is one of the rare sports where strength, size or bank account does not affect how well you or your child performs. It does not matter if your child is small or large, male or female, their performance is directly related to how hard they work at it.  The karts are homologated, which is a fancy word that means that they are all equal and you don't have to worry about being beaten by somebody who spends more money than you.

3. You can go karting anywhere (almost)

Feel like going on a Florida vacation? Maybe see the Rocky Mountains? There are kart tracks all over Canada and the USA where you can take your kart and go racing. As a matter of fact, the Manitoba Karting Association has several Rotax classes and you can earn a paid ticket to race a kart at the Rotax World Finals, which takes place at a different site around the World every year. Several of our drivers have earned a ticket to the Rotax World Finals, and you could, too.

4. You will not find a better group of people

The kids and parents around the MKA paddock are all friendly people with a zest for life and a love of family. We have a code of conduct that each member must sign and follow and every weekend spent at the track is a mini vacation. Parents don't have to worry about where their kids are or who they are hanging out with and many life long friendships start in the MKA paddock.

5. Oh, the things you will learn

Hand-eye coordination, teamwork, self reliance, self confidence, communication with others, resilience, how to use tools and even small engine repair. It's like a super fun Prep School education, without the weird uniform (okay, maybe the race suit and helmet are a little weird) .

6. It's in 3D and surround sound

We spend so many hours on our phone, computer or video game but karting gets you back outside, learning real skills and interacting with other humans face to face. The only reason to be on your cell phone at the track is for timing laps or posting pictures of how much fun you're having.

7. We have made getting started easier

We can help you get started in karting. We have people who will find you a new or used kart and help you source whatever else you will need to get started. You don't even need a trailer or truck to haul your kart, the MKA has secure rental containers on site where you can store your karts, tools and racing equipment. We can teach you how to maintain and tune your kart and you will have no trouble finding somebody to give you a hand.

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